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Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to become a popular person and how it’s useful for your career?

How to become a popular person and how it’s useful for your career?
Do you know anyone who doesn’t care about the popularity? No! You can’t find a single person. Everyone wants to be popular and successful. Everyone’s parents also dream that their children will be successful one day and be regarded as a respectable person in the society.

Let’s read this article a little carefully, which may help you to become a popular person and build a successful career.
  1. Focus on your target and read how?
  2. Make your online presence. The way of connecting people.
  3. Do something good for people around you. The way of your existence.
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Saturday, 1 July 2017

How to create interactive website background using particles.js?

A simple way to create interactive background
Particles.js is a lightweight JavaScript library which can help you to create lots of moving tiny particles to make your website background interactive. It’s super easy to use and you need only following things:
  • particles.js library
  • A div using an ID
  • Few line of JS and CSS code

Monday, 29 May 2017

How to create a full screen video background?


Website design play the vital role of any successful business. If you are trying to get more sales then you have to concentrate on your website design and adding video background is one of the most important ways to enhance the design with extra visual appeals.

If you choose suitable video content then it might be easier to convince your visitors to connect with your business. Recently I am working in a project where customer like to use a video background and during the implementation I have browsed several websites and saw few are good and also found few are with drawback.

Here is the easiest way which I have used in my recent work.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

How to earn money from your daily diary?

How to earn money from your daily diary?
Most of our parents and grandparents maintained their diary. Few are loves to write their daily experiences and few are like to write daily expenses and most interestingly few are even write stories and poems.

Do you know how it's important for you if you start maintaining your daily dairy? You could be the India or World's most popular and rich person. Yes it's the key of success, if you only think then you might forget it next day but if you write something in your daily diary book then there are less chances to forget them. So it's just a first initiative to give a real shape on your dream.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

How to start a successful online business?

How to start a successful online business?

Its amazing!!! people can buy your products from anywhere in the World. Its a big market place and big market place means - big revenue :) I generally prefer to buy almost everything from online to save hours as well as money. I believe these days most of the people buying products from online and hope after 5 years we all will buy everything from online. So what is your plan? Will you start your online business today?

Lets make a successful online business plan.