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Saturday, 15 September 2012

5 steps of quick and perfect website layout design

If you serve the internet to get some information then you will get thousand of websites for the information. But have you realized ever that where you collecting your search information; yes it will be the eye catching, properly organized website. Not only will you, every visitor do the same things, because all peoples are visually oriented.

Please follow the steps below to create website layout in Photoshop.

  • Create Document: Create a new document with default settings. My default size, resolution and Color Mode are - size- 1366x768, resolution – 72 and RGB color mode. File > New [Ctrl+N]
  • Work Area: Select your working area by Rectangle Marque tool. I am using 960px width and 1000 height. [M]
  • Design Plan: First readout the project plan properly. Please sketch your layout plan on papers before using the Photoshop. Because if your plan is finalize according to the targeted audience requirement then the paper pencil process can give you a rough ideas about the design look.
  • Guides: Please use rulers to get perfect alignment of the page. Alignment is the most important thing in the layout design process. To do so go to View > Rulers [Ctrl+R]. Drag the rulers horizontally and vertically like your papers work guideline.
  • Place Content: Start to place content in the selected area and fill with suitable color and images. Please use the following elements in the proper area as you planed in the papers work and see example.
    • Logo
    • Introduction text
    • Services display area/box
    • Copyright text

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