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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Have you thought about what you will achieve after 5 years? No! Set your goal today and achieve what you want.

set your goals to get success

Most of the people don’t know what they will achieve after 5 years and even after 1 year. So is that really necessary to know what you will achieve after 5 years?

Yes, if you are a dreamer and wanted to be a successful person then you must have to know that what you will achieve after 5 years. If you are a corporate professional then you must have to set goals to achieve the next desire position or if you wanted to be a successful entrepreneur then you must have to set your goals to make your business success, without the goals you can’t achieve the success.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

How to create equal height columns?

Tutorials for Equal Height columns
Equal height columns have been required for all projects and will be needed forever. To make any row visually perfect with different amount of content you have to make equal height for all the columns. You can set fix height to make them equal, but this is not the right solution for responsive and dynamic websites.

I will recommend to use jQuery, it support all the browsers. You can also use CSS properties but it has compatibility issue in older browsers version.

Let’s start with jQuery equal height first then we will explain about the CSS properties for equal height.

Friday, 12 January 2018

The most useful websites

Here is a list of most useful websites. Just read and know how it’s useful.

Looking for free images?
Visit, you can use photos from here for commercial and noncommercial purposes absolutely free.

Looking for Graphic Resources? is popular for free vector graphics. You can find useful resources for marketing material, brochure, banners, greetings, background texture, icons and many more.