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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Basic HTML Tags

Today we will introduce with HTML tags; most useful tags to popup your HTML page/ document.

- Headings:

HTML headings are defined with <h1> to <h6> tags. Each heading tag has a default size to highlight the paragraph or content area. The heading is always using before the paragraph or any highlighted content area to concentrate the page viewer.
    <h1> Website main heading</h1>
    <h2> Website sub heading</h2>
    <h3> Website sub heading</h3>
    <h4> Website sub heading</h4>
    <h5> Website sub heading</h5>
    <h6> Website sub heading</h6>

- Paragraph

HTML paragraphs are defined with <p> tag. Most of the HTML developer loves to use the <p> to control the content area, position, spacing and even the page look and feel.

<p>Place you content here, as we are always using "" site 
to use dummy content. - "Sed vel turpis id nibh iaculis rutrum sed non purus. 
Fusce posuere, metus sed rutrum ultricies, purus sem posuere ipsum, a ultrices 
orci magna sit amet magna. Aliquam nec est lorem. Donec commodo odio eget diam 
tempus id feugiat quam condimentum. Etiam elementum sodales eleifend. Morbi ut 
felis orci. Suspendisse accumsan sollicitudin neque at tristique. "</p>

- Links Add

If you want to go one page to other page or create anchor in the same page then only the Links tags can create this and it’s defined with <a></a> tag.
    <a href="">link 1 </a>
    <a href="">link 2 </a>
    <a href="">link 3 </a>

- Image Add

Today million peoples are looking for good site and they are hurry to find out the good information. But how to approach them to choose you site at the first visit. Image is the only way to approach your site visitor. If you use beautiful images and organized it with the proper way, definitely you will be succeeding to review your website.
The HTML images are defined with <img> tag.
<img src="choosyourimage.jpg" width="200" height ="100" alt="Image Name" />
Here src for the image path, width for the image width, height for the image 
height and alt for image name or seo friendly title [We will discussed about 
the SEO latterly]

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