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Thursday, 13 September 2012

5 Steps of Logo Design

A logo development is not an easy task. A logo always reflects the business commercial brand through the uses of symbol, color and fonts. That means the created logo will always carry business identity with company messages. So whenever you will start to create a logo, first you have to get details of the company details and their products.

  1. Reading Brief: Please read out the company profile and their business strategy very carefully.
  2. Sketching: Sketching is the most important stage to start develops a logo and spend maximum time in this step than other steps during logo development process.
  3. Keep it Simple: Make it simple and clear, so customer can easily get message from the logo.
  4. Color: The color is also very important, so always remember below points.
    1. Don't use more than three colors.
    2. Don't use week font and color, use bold font and visible colors.
    3. Remember the company personality or business type before choosing logo color.
  5. Font-Family/Typography: Test with many fonts before choosing the one, this is help you to standout your logo. Even you can make little customization on font to make it little different and unique.

If you check the above logo properly and think for few minutes then you will imagine that our all information is in the logo.


  1. These tips are really good and useful, if you are a professional custom logo designer so you have to understand the core knowledge of customer business that what exactly they need from us, if you don’t follow these rules you will not survive in this industry because clients need quality.

  2. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article. Thank you for supplying this info.

  3. hey its amazing to knew these steps.
    Am not designer but it helps me to create a logo for my self.



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