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Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Trend of Design - a message for all designers and developers

New trend of design is based on simplicity, clear layouts, app-style interface, focusing on typography, flat style and must be all devices compatible.

Web Designers and Developers are always thinking about the weight of images and JavaScript when they start developing their websites and these days they are more aware about the site development because of the uses of multiple devices. They allow users to better read and experience the web from their tab, iPad or mobiles.

Please follow the following few steps to create your website which is absolutely make your website completely new trend of design and user will enjoy your websites on every devices.


If you are one of the followers of new design trend of websites then of course you have to think about the responsive design as because of the new design trend is based on usability and readability of the site. The responsive design will make your website all devices compatible and this one the most important part of new design trend of website.

Please read my previous article to get details on responsive design.

Flat Design:

Most of the designer now started adopting and applying it to their new work. Even large companies also follow the flat design trend like Microsoft, Google. The flat design will force designer to present the content in such way where the content will looks visible and excellent even in a simple design. The most good things in flat design is you can create flat design without using any images and it will help first loading of your website pages.


Good typography is the key of new trend of design which can make your website more beautiful without using too much images and even if you choose beautiful font then your site can be beautiful in a white page. So please always choose beautiful fonts which will suite with your design. You will get more than 500 fonts from Google and you can choose suitable one from there. Please follow our previous article to use Google font.


Icon is another important part of your design which will work like using jewellery for beautiful women. If you want to make your website more beautiful then you can use icons for navigation and even for body content. The icon size will vary on your design requirement so it doesn’t matter which size you are using on the pages. But keep it in your mind that the trend is flat design, so icon should be flat or you can use long shadow as per the design test.


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