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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Why click through prototypes and how it works?

We suggest to a UI expert or project Managers to use click through sketches prototypes for their customers before use favourite tools. Because in this process customer will get confidence that they are working with the right organization and development team also will get an overview of the project and this will help them during the development.

There are lots of tools available - such as Balsamiq, Fireworks which builds wireframes and click dummies and this will helping to explain the targeted user experiences.

So let’s start a plan to make your project’s click through prototypes.

Documents Review: First review the documents properly before sketch the wireframe on papers.

Sketching: Start sketch to understand the problem and solution of the project functionality and come up with a concept. Sketch enables to explore the problem space and define the solution space at the same time and helping us to create possible user friendly wireframes/ Layouts. This is the only fastest way where you can quickly get something out from your creative head.

Use your favourite tool: Use Balsamiq, Fireworks or whatever you wants which will help to create click through prototypes. You have a sketch plan, just copy/ draw them through balsamiq or Fireworks, I generally used Balsamiq to create interactive prototypes and you will get it from balsamiq dot com. You can also use Phone gap, Foundation Framework or jQuery Mobile to create your click through prototypes and these are really very easy and most powerful, just try and see, what your client says.

After getting approval on your sketch or wireframes you can understand that how it will be easy for you to create final layout/ design for the application. You can also do following things before start developing layout through Photoshop, Illustrator or with your favourite tools.

  • Request for Company logo if they have.
  • Today’s clients are very aware about the uses of colours, so please ask for color preferences.
  • Request for reference websites or applications so that you can understand their test.
  • See who the current targeted audiences are and who will be the future.
  • Share your knowledge with your customers that what is the current trend of design and what kind of features help to make any application powerful and successful.

Hope this article will help to make your customer happy. :)


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  2. Prototyping is a good way to propose the project prior to final development to the client as they can be satisfied by app's overall user experience. Retro Cube has this prototyping stage in their agile software development.

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