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Friday, 21 August 2015

A bunch of readymade social media icons

We all know about the importance of social media and these days, we are almost every day sharing photographs, articles or any interesting things through social media. If you check ten reputed or good websites then you can see all of them using social media icons and if you are a developer or designer then you must know that you have to implement social media icons in every project.

Today I will share you a bunch of ready made social media icons which you can directly copy and paste in your next project without using development time and hopefully you will love them from every angle – design wise, special animated effects or color combination wise.

If you going to create a social media icons then you have to spend lots of time to finding icons or planning for layouts and sometime you may not be able create suitable design. So why not try to use these icons or bookmark this page for your next project?

I have started 24xhtml 3 years back without creating social media account and I know how it was painful when no one knows the published article. But today I am really very happy that I have lots of happy visitors who everyday reading articles and using resources. Do you know how it’s happened? Yes, it’s because of social media.

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