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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Future of one page website with FREE example

24xhtml One Page website

One page website aim to provide important information about the business/profile using minimum content, as people’s wants to know everything reading minimum content. Generally users make their decision within few seconds that they will stay in the same site or leave it. So one page website is one of the best option for small business. Hope you can also understand that good design also an important part of your website to force visitors to stay in the website.

When you are going to create one page website then you have the area to play on design but in multi pages website its little difficult to work in similar way for every pages. You can also make story line with proper plan in a single page flow that how your website will behave when users will access it in desktop or mobiles.

There are tons of reasons to use one page website for small business. However the main things are its affordable, faster, easy to digest and look good on all devices and save mobile data.

Let’s think about the future of one page website, we all know that peoples are extremely busy and will be more busy in near future; and don’t have enough time to read everything, so what people/ users will prefer? They will prefer to understand everything by read minimum content in an interactive way which one page site easily can provide. Here is sample page which you can download and use for your personal use by modifying the content and stylesheet.

Once you download the page just scroll down to see the top navigation and once you click on any link you will reach to the related content which are in the same page. You can also see the background animation which are moving opposite of two images direction.

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