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Sunday, 15 November 2015

How to create your portfolio site in a minute?

We all have social media accounts but most of them don’t have the personal website where we can showcase everything which helps to build our careers. Today I will discuss about creating a website in a minute without spending a single penny. I really very busy to maintaining this website and my daily work, so I was finding a way to showcase my works for clients but don’t wanted to spend time to updating the site daily or weekly base and lastly I found the way where a application will do everything for me including making my personal website.

Siftr is an application which wills syncs pictures from your social media accounts, so where you actively posting photographs/ layouts just put them in your portfolio site using Siftr. The Siftr support three popular social media platforms, like Flickr, Instagram and Facebook, so just sync one of them and relax.

Hope you can understand that you don't have to upload photographs separately for your portfolio/ personal/ photography site it will get everything from your sync account as below sample site.


  1. The Siftr support three popular social media platforms, like Flickr, Instagram and Facebook, so just sync one of them and relax. NS0-192 exam questions

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