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Friday, 4 December 2015

What are UX and UI Design and what exactly designers do?

We all heard about the UI and UX but unfortunately most of them don’t know that what are UI and UX design and what they exactly do. Recently I had a discussion with my team members and I asked one of them about the differences and he told me that he don’t know the actual difference where he is one of my best designer as I know, then I decided to publish an article on this.

I will discuss on UX and UI design based on a Software Product design for better understanding.

UX Designer:
The person who is responsible for any product to work logically and user experience wise. A UX designer will understand the business logic of an application and will examine from different angles and find out the best solution for users. They also will create the guideline/ basic sketch of product which will explain most of the user experiences.

Role: Discussion with business team, RND on proposed product, Create initial sketch with guidelines, Responsible for whole product until it’s accepted by the client.

UI Designer:
The UI designer is responsible for how users will see the products in its final version. They will create every page/ screen based on UX guideline and will places for information, suitable color, fonts etc. And UI designer have to know the basic skills of UX designer to create successful product.

Role: Design each screen visually, Transform it for coding

Team work:
It always good to do teamwork when you are working in a project/ product to get many ideas and contribution. But you can understand if we divide the work in the team members then we can get better quality product, however we have to assured that all members will know about the product that what they are going to do.


  1. Really good discussion, helpful for designers.

  2. It's an awesome article..Great job!! Keep it up...

  3. Very easy and precise article on UX and UI.Loved it.Thank you.

  4. Very easy and precise article on UX and UI.Loved it.Thank you.

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