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Saturday, 16 January 2016

How to add copyright watermark to a batch of photos quickly?

We all like to capture photos during an events or whenever we see good things and share them in online. But never taken an action about creating ownership mark on those important photos, So Today I will discuss how we can create it easily.

You can imagine when you will use your name or watermark on your photographs then how it’s difficult to copy or reuse by other people for business purpose until you give them permission. Not only that your friends also will be happy to see your photographs with a logo or recognizable text.

We techy peoples heard about the Photoshop and these days most of the peoples knows about the basic tools of this software. But no matter if you don’t know about this software, you can purchase or download trial version from Adobe site and use following steps to create the watermark action.

I have divided this in two separate section/ part for better understanding.

Part – 1.

Step 1: If you have the Photoshop CS version, please installed and run > Click on file from top menu > Click New.

Step 2: You will get a new window, add Width, Height, Resolution and background Color as Screen below and click on ok button.

Step 3: Add your logo inside this or add your name as I added in example below.

Step 4: Merge all layers if you have more than one layer, or use Rasterize Type if you have only text contain layer.

Step 5: Select the watermark/ logo layer and Add style from Layer.

Step 6: Make Fill Opacity 0 and click on Bevel and Emboss and you can also set parameter from Bevel and Emboss as per your needs. Once it done, please keep only the watermark layer remove background or all other layers to make it transparent.

Step 7: Save it in PSD inside a watermark folder to identify it later and close the file.

Now the time to explain about action which will help to apply the watermark on entire folder images.

Part – 2:

Step -1: Open an image from your computer where you like to apply this water mark. To create a watermark action, open your Actions Palette (Window>Actions). Create a new action set, by clicking on the folder icon at the bottom of the Actions Palette. Name this folder “WaterMark Action.” Next, you can create the action by clicking on the “Create New Action” icon just beside that little folder, again at the bottom of the Actions Palette. When the dialog box appears, name this action something similar to the previous name and click on Record.

Step 2: Again click on file from top left and click on place and choose the watermark PSD which you created in part – 1. And once it placed in preferable area > go to file > Save As > Save it in JPEG format > Stop the action.

It’s ready and now the time to apply it in folder images.

Step 3: Click on file from top left > Script > Image processor > Select Destination folder where you wanted to apply the watermark. > Choose created action name which have created in part -2 and Click on Run. It will take few minutes and the time is depending on number of images of the destination folder.

Check your photographs folder and tell me how you enjoyed to creating this.

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