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Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to create your first blog for free?

Keep yourself busy to stay happy and to be a happy find a way to earn money :) from your daily life schedule. Yes, you can earn money from your daily life schedule creating your own blog and I will discuss about how easily you can make your own blog.

I will recommend to use blogger to create your first blog/ site, as it’s very easy to create for beginners. The blogger is one of the most secured and easy to use publishing tool from Google which you can use for free. Here are the steps which you can follow and will not take more than 15 minutes.

If you have the google account then you can create around 100 websites for free from the one email ID or you can create your own google account for your blog, however I will recommend to use your existing email id to manage everything from single place.

Access and enter your username and password to create your first blog and use following steps.

Step 1: Click on New Blog button.

Step 2: You will get a popup window with title, address fields and template options.

  • Title: Choose perfect name for the blog which is one of the most important for any blog, as it will identify the users about site topics.
  • Address: The address field will be the site URL which user will use it to access your blog. By default blogger will add with the chosen address until you are not using custom domain. I will discuss about custom domain in next topic, as it’s another important part of your blog if wants to earn money from there.
  • Template: Blogger system has few default templates to help users to create their blog, so you can choose one of them from there and can try to modify it as per your needs. But I will recommend to take a backup before modifying anything.

Step 3: Once you click on the create blog it will be ready within few seconds based on availability of chosen address. Still you have to complete few steps to get access your blog with your first message.

After successfully created your blog you will get another page with options as below.
  • New Post: It will use to create post on your favorite topics.
  • Overview: Get overview about the site on page-views, updates and blogger guide.
  • Posts: To check, edit, share and delete of all posted topics.
  • Pages: To create About us, Contact us and other content based pages.
  • Comments: To check published comments and removing them.
  • Google+ : To connect with your profile.
  • Stats: To check site overview, traffic resources and audiences.
  • Earnings: The area where you can earn money once get approval on Google AdSense.
  • Campaigns: To grow your audiences using Google AdWords.
  • Template: To give your blog/ site new look using or customizing theme.
  • Settings: Basic settings to run your blog/ site.
The above are just little description about the options but you will get better understanding when you use them during development of your first blog.

What do you think? Is not as easier as you expected? If you still have any queries feel free to comment here or contact.

Please also check how you can use custom domain for your blog and why?


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