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Sunday, 17 April 2016

How to apply for Google AdSense?

There are lots of rumors about apply for Google AdSense so I decided to write an article on this so that people can get proper information and can apply when they thinks it’s the right time for his/ her site.

Before applying in Google AdSense please get prepared with following things:
  • Domain: Google AdSense doesn’t support subdomain, please purchase your own domain [example:]
  • No of Posts: There is no specific post mentioned google document however most of the blog site recommend to apply in Google AdSense once you reach 40 to 50 posts.
  • Blog/ Site age: The most important is how many visitor you have in the site and you can understand that it’s not possible make 1000 or even 100 visitors from the first day, until you are not a celebrity or public profile. So I will recommend to apply at-lest after 6 months with 50 posts.
  • Page Type/ Design: The site must be clean and easy to navigate and you will get extra points if your site well designed.
  • Important Pages: Please make sure that you have about us and contact us pages and it’s better to add Terms and condition page too.
  • Account Details: Please use proper details in your account and make sure that name spelling is same as in your bank account.
  • Age Verification: This is one of the common mistake which done by younger blogger, if you have 18+ then only can apply for Google AdSense otherwise you have to apply it using your parents details.

For more please check Google Policy and Terms

If everything is ready then please apply now by click here. After complete the process you usually get approval within 48 hours. Once you get approved you will be eligible to start placing ad in your site.

You can add google ad code in your other sites too to get more revenue from one account instead of applying for new account for other sites. Now it’s the time to enjoy the deposit coming to your account each month. But for this you have to verify your Bank account and other Tax information once reached your account balance $100.

What to do if AdSense is not getting approved?
Don’t think its end. Please try to improve your content quality and increased number of posts. After 2 to 3 months if you can see that the number of visitors increased then you can apply for second time.

You can understand it’s not too much heard to get approval but if you still unable to get approval after 2nd and 3rd try then don’t be sad there several ways to earn money from online which I will discuss in another article.


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