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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How to show your site in google search result?

SEO Tips

"A website create brands and brand creates by people"; if people don’t know about your site then what is the reason of making your site? So please make sure that your site is SEO friendly and showing in google and other site’s search results.

If you are a beginner or newly launch your site then you must have to do following things to make your site search engine friendly.

Google Webmaster Tool:
Google Web master is a free tool from Google which communicate with your site and help to identify issues. The tool officially verify your site ownership and will give a dashboard to check site health and other search queries.

Verify your site:
Before you access the GWT dashboard, you have to verify that you are an authorized user. There are five procedure to verify your site however I will recommend easiest two methods.
  • HTML file upload
  • Adding Meta Tag

HTML file upload:
You will get it from recommended method which is preferable for hosting server user but if you are a blogger user then I will recommend to use next one (Adding Meta Tag).

GWT will provide you a file with specific name which you have to create and upload in the server root directory and once it done, you have to click on verify button.

Google Webmaster Tool

Adding Meta Tag:
You will find it in alternate Method tab and if you choose the HTML tag option then you will get the HTML metatag for site verification. Just you have  to put this metatag in your site header before tag start.

Adding Meta Tag

Once get verified you will get access of GWT dashboard where you can view and generate site reports for business and monetizing.

Submitting Sitemap:
After the verification you have to submit the sitemap to keep informing google about your site contents. A sitemap basically a listing of the content of your site.

So you can understand that you have to add some contents in your site before making sitemap and submitting it in GWT. You can find more than hundred websites who generate sitemap xml, so just type generate sitemap and search and choose one of them. Once it submitted, it will be indexed in search engine and can get it soon in search result.


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