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Monday, 9 May 2016

Top 5 Places to Find Free Design Resources in 2016

Top 5 Places to Find Free Design Resources in 2016

Photographs and icons speak everything about the content and its almost mandatory to use in all branding materials. Many peoples use google search engine to find out suitable images or icons and they directly use them in their websites or branding materials. But do you know these are showing from other websites and its completely illegal to use in your business purpose? Yes these search results images are from the owner of respective websites and they can claim for this any time and you can face legal issues.

So today, I will share you few website links where you will get photographs, all formats of icons (including SVG), Vector graphics for brochure, custom icon fonts completely free.

01. Unsplash:
The place where you will get high resolution images for FREE and you can do with them whatever you wants. If you subscribe in their website then you will get 10 images every 10 days in your registered inbox.
Unsplash - free photos

02. Freepik:
They includes hundred of free vector images daily and you can use them for free, however there are premium versions also available and its enough for any small organization.
download vector graphics

03. Flaticon:
Its the place where largest database of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.

04. IcoMoon:
Fonts always been used for letters as well as icons. You can build your own custom fonts using this IconMoon app that only contain the icons that you need. Visit to know more.

05. Fontastic:
This is also same as IcoMoon and you can create custom icon fonts and can modify on the fly via CSS. You can find more than 9000 icons and its anough for most of the projects. There is an options to add custom icons by uploading SVG file.

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