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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why Coworking Spaces perfect for startup entrepreneurs or freelancers?

Coworking Spaces
Coworking spaces can be a new word for many people but it popping in most of the countries around the world and India is one of them. Coworking space is the office which shared by many startup entrepreneurs or freelancer. Just they have to give rent for particular seat or area with all modern facilities which required for offices. Hope you can understand how it’s beneficial for startup entrepreneurs.

Many friends shared their view that how it’s difficult to concentrate on the job when they started working from home and even little difficult for setup a meeting with a client. The coworking space is the solutions of many peoples, as good coworking space having free Wi-Fi, conference room, etc and space user have to give only monthly rental which is cheaper and best for startup business owners.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces:
  1. You don’t have to think about the internet or electricity just pay the rent end of month.
  2. Use conference room for client meeting without paying extra money or taking entire office.
  3. Use restaurant facilities as most of the cowoking space having the facility.
  4. No extra expenses for office maintenance.
  5. Terminate the agreement when you feel to change or make your own office.
  6. There is an option to meet new peoples every day, as others are also doing business and they may need services from you.

Drawback of Coworking Spaces:
There are few drawback also and its depend on the coworking space service provider.
  1. You may face internet and electricity issues.
  2. Conference room can be available based on availability, as other peoples are also using the same office.
  3. May be the office environment not suitable for you or your business category.

The coworking space cities in India are Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Goa, Noida, Jaipur, Kerala, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Please use Google Search engine to find out best coworking space worldwide based on your requirement.


  1. Thanks 24xhtml for inform me this kind of opportunity available in kolkata.

  2. This article will help us to utilize our spare time in productive way


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