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Sunday, 24 July 2016

How a Graphic Designer start earning from tomorrow?

How a Graphic Designer start earning from tomorrow?
Yes you could be the one who can start earning from tomorrow. Sounds Good!!! Is not it? If you have the knowledge on Graphic Design then you can start earning from tomorrow. Don’t think I am going to hire you ;) but I can explain the way which you can follow and start earnings from next day.

Graphic design is one of the most required and profitable profession and these days everyone needs to use graphics for themselves or their business. People using internet tremendously and they can understand how advertising/ branding important for business and they are looking for suitable graphic designer who will be from next to his/ her house.

Let’s explain how you can start work from next day.

First, think about your graphic design skills and start providing services which you can do best, because if you delivered good quality design then more chances to get new work from the same client or your existing client’s relative or friends.

As a graphic designer you can understand that there are several things to do, however I will mention most popular services which people generally looking for:
  • Business card/ Visiting Card Design
  • Company Letter Head
  • Logo Design
  • Poster Design
  • Brochure Design

So are you ready to providing services? Please write services name on paper and paste it on the wall which you can see most.

And what is next?

Yeah the next is marketing yourself in a effective way! Here are the cost effective and most powerful ways:

Advertise through newspaper vendors: People read newspaper every morning and its a habit of almost everyone, so why you are not trying to catch-up the local newspaper vendors who can help you to reach targeted area with your services.

Don't think its too costly, In India, you can get the services spending only Rs. 200 to reach 1000 to 1500 people through newspaper vendors. Hope you know about the cost of leaflet which you have to print for yourself. But if you have any clarification on advertising through newspaper vendors or printing please feel free to ask from below comment box.

Advertise through social media: Use your social media profiles to get attention that you are going to providing services on graphic design. If possible please make a page for the services so that people can understand that you are serious about your services.

Make your own business card: Please make your business card and clearly mentioned about the services as it will help to get work continuously. Make your business card and don't forget to give it to the people :)

Make leaflet: Make leaflet and start distributing in crowded area like Metro or Railway station. Please don't ask who will distribute it?

Visit Restaurants: Visit restaurants and offer cheap rate for better quality menu design and if possible make good sample designs before visiting any restaurants.

Visit Startup Company: Try to know about startup company from your neighbor or through internet as you can understand startup company needs almost all services Logo, Letter Pad, Company Profile to website.

Hope you can understand about getting the work from next day once you follow the above ways.

Don’t wait for next day, start planning for giving best services if you get response more than your expectation.

A way of lead generation

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