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Sunday, 3 July 2016

What are the ways to be a stabilize freelancer?

The secret of successful freelancing

We all are well known about the freelance job and can understand about the advantages and disadvantages, however I am writing this article to gain some confidence to start your career as freelancer. If you are going to start your business alone without investing lots of money then you must have to start with freelancing job to understand the freelance world.

There are lots of advantages about the freelance life and these three are most important.
  1. Freedom
  2. First step of your business
  3. Learn taking risk

Major disadvantages, no guaranteed income :(

So what are the solutions? Will you start following elance, 99designs or freelancer? Are these sites sufficient to pay your bread and butter bills?

In my experience, you have to build a system for generating leads. There are number of things which you can do to generate passive leads. Here are most powerful ways to be a stabilize freelancer:

Online Presence:
First you have to create your portfolio which will be hosted in online. Make sure that all information are true and about section is visible for all. Please don't forget to Include your social media profiles as you have to gain trust from your online presence.

Making Business Contact List:
Choose your targeted audiences based on your work/ business type. Search in Google or other search engines with the business suitable keyword and browse contact page to collect the contact details. As for example if you are going to work with colleges in Kolkata then search 'engineering college + Kolkata' and make your contact list.

Email Templates:
Make perfect email template with promotional content and send it to your targeted audiences. This is one of the most important steps of making trust so please make sure that content and design are perfect from all the angles. Built in Referrals: If you have started work and generated some leads then don't forget to ask referral to your clients as your existing clients is the most strongest way to get continue job using recommendation. So if you are working for a client give your 100% inputs and don't think about how much you are getting paid.

Regular Blogging/ Guest Blogging:
The way of keeping touch to the web world you have to keep posting in your blog or other popular blogs otherwise no one will remember you or your identity.

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