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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Why blog and how to manage your blog without quitting your job?

Are you sure that you can work 9 to 10 hours till your age of 60, with same efforts and same respect? I don't think so. So what is your plan? Are you still thinking? Please think few minutes today and plan where you wanted to see yourself after 5 years. I know its really very difficult to decide now, but if you find anything good which can make your career better than today and assure it will help in your old age then no need to read this article.

Start your blog to get daily revenue without quitting your daily job:

Launching a blog is one of the best decision which you can make. The blog which you can manage with your day office job and if you serious about running the blog then it can be grown in to a six figure per month earning. Don't think that you have to spent lots of hours to setup or running a blog, just you have to spend time which you are currently using in Facebook or other social media sites.

Do you think its costly? or how to create your blog?
No, its very cheap and just you have to purchase a domain name which will cost only Rs.99 to Rs.600.

Read these articles:
1. How to create your blog?
2. How to use custom domain for your blog and why?

Where to purchase the domain?
Search on google with keyword 'domain registration' and choose suitable one.
search result of domain registration

Do you think you will earn money from the next day of launching your blog?

Launching a blog and making it successful is not the next day work, you have to give time to understand the internet marketing and figure out how actually blog works. During the initial period you won't be making any money as you don't have enough articles as well as visitors. So after launching your site concentrate on writing good articles which you know best and build audience/ visitors.

How to build your audience?
1. The first step of making your audience, you have to optimize your blog.
Read how to optimize your blog.
2. Create facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ pages for your blog.
3. Write for 24xhtml to build your audience, we will give full credit of the author with your website/ blog link. Learn more that why you will write for 24xhtml?

Once you think that you have enough articles and visitors then you can apply for Google AdSense. Read when and how to apply for Google AdSense.

Why I have started this blog?
I have mentioned this in details in my about page however I am rewriting this once again to complete this article so that you can understand how you can start a blog and get benefits in your old age.

I always wanted to live my life in my own way and never like to do 9 to 6 office job for my entire life. I was trying to find out a way to get healthy social life and after several research and attending workshop, found 24xhtml which will work for me 24x7 for 365 days and don't have to think about my day job or my old age. I feel blogging is like a risk free career and I am the boss of my own :)


  1. I want to be financially secure in retirement, so I make an effort to create a blog with my website.This blog post will help to create it.

  2. The blog which you can manage with your day office job and if you serious about running the blog then it can be grown in to a six figure per month earning. coupons


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