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Sunday, 6 November 2016

How to earn money from your daily diary?

How to earn money from your daily diary?
Most of our parents and grandparents maintained their diary. Few are loves to write their daily experiences and few are like to write daily expenses and most interestingly few are even write stories and poems.

Do you know how it's important for you if you start maintaining your daily dairy? You could be the India or World's most popular and rich person. Yes it's the key of success, if you only think then you might forget it next day but if you write something in your daily diary book then there are less chances to forget them. So it's just a first initiative to give a real shape on your dream.

Profession doesn't matter, everyone can get success if they maintain their diary and strict on the plan that they will maintain it forever, however they will get the chance to see benefits after few months.
  1. Are you a house wife?
  2. IT Profession?
  3. Doctor?
  4. School Teacher?

Let's start writing diary and convert it into a money and fame. Do you know about Kim Kardashian? And how she got famous? She and her family began to appear in a reality television show where she shared her daily life and create the history on branding of Karashian.

I am not going to tell you to share everything which you are writing in your diary, it's all about your personal choices.

  • 1. Are you a House wife? If you are a house wife then there are maximum chances to write interesting things from your daily life. If you like to cook and experiment new dishes then just don't do experiment, please also write them in your diary or laptop and take good snaps during the cooking?

    There are several things in house wife life from taking care of parents, kids and family members which they can write in the diary. One day they will realize that time has been come to explore it in front of World. Method will be in details here below about how you convert it in money.

  • 2. IT Profession? You might be thinking that why should I maintain a Diary? I am a software guy and people these days doing paperless job. Yes you are right people do paperless job but successful people still use diary or paper to give the shape on his/ her successful business. I will recommend to maintain your diary to keep planning properly which help you to strict on your plan and target. Once you think that time has come then you can create your personal site or blog where you can share your skills or daily experiences. You can earn money from the blog or you can publish all the articles as an eBook or printed book to earn money.

  • 3. Doctor You could be the best doctor but how could you establish this, until people know about you, your treatment procedure and case studies? So please start writing your daily diary and execute your next level plan through your personal site, blog articles or books.

The school teacher and Students also make their path in the way of learning and sharing new things, and I don't think anybody in the World who don't want money and fame. If you maintain your daily dairy and publish it through online or as a book then world will recognize you and your work and one day you could be the most popular writer, doctor or celebrity.

Money! Money!

So the diary is ready, right? What is next? How to earn money from the diary? Oh, it's really interesting.

Now the time to convert your diary into an eBooks or printed books. I will recommend to make it eBook first and start selling them in online and once you get good response then go for the printed books.

How to make your eBooks?

It’s as easy and as A, B, C. Write everything in MS Word and organize it properly and make sure that people also like it from the designing angle and they can understand whatever you are explaining. Because if your books easy to understand and useful then more chances to sell them easily. If you have the Google account then you can upload your MS Word file in Google Docs and can download as ePub publication from file menu. However Amazon Kindley doesn’t support ePub format and in this you can use you have to convert ePub into MOBI using free software like Calibre that Kindley support.

How to sell your eBooks online?

Well, here a list of websites where you can signup and star sell your eBooks. Most of the sites have zero signup fee.

Payhip: Payhip will help you for all most everything from payment to deliver the ebooks to customer without any royalty per sale. Just you have to upload your ebooks and promote from the possible social media, blog or personal site. Royalty per sale 100%

Amazon Kindle direct publishing: If you heard about eBooks then must know the amazon kindle publishing as it’s most popular in eBook world. Royalty per sale 35% to 70%

Myebook: It’s a free web service that allows you to create your ebooks and sell it from there. Royalty per sale 90%.

Download to know, how to convert your diary into money and fame?

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