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Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to become a popular person and how it’s useful for your career?

How to become a popular person and how it’s useful for your career?
Do you know anyone who don’t care about the popularity? No! You can’t find a single person, everyone wants to be a popular and successful. Parents also dreaming that their children will be a successful person one day and be regarded as a respectable person in the society.

Let’s read this article a little carefully, which may help you to become a popular person and build a successful career.

  1. Focus on your target and read how?
  2. Make your online presence. The way of connecting people.
  3. Do something good for people around you. The way of your existence.

1. Focus on your target and read how?
What do you wants to do? Where do you want to see yourself after 3 or 5 years? Yet to decide? Please decide it now. This is the key to become a successful person. If you don’t know your destination then how you can reach there. If you are good in studies, then plan what you will do after completion of education or if you have any special skill then plan for developing it.

If you are just thinking that you wanted to be a IPS officer, Doctor, Engineer, Artist or Writer then you might be changed your mind after few months or years. So, whatever you have decided about your career goal, write it on a paper in big letters, paste it on your living room wall so that you can see it all the time and focus on your target.

I get inspired by these notes:
success notes from 24xhtml
success notes from 24xhtml
2. Make your online presence. The way of connecting people.
These days, almost we all are connected to internet and most of us understand the value of connecting people through internet and social medias. We know there are several drawbacks but we can avoid it if we know our destination and loyal users of internet.

If you decide what you wanted to do then research on the topic at least 2 to 3 hours everyday so that you can get enough information from the World of internet and become one of the most informed persons after few months. Try to write something on the topic which you are learning and do share them across the web so that people might get benefits and connect with you and remember you for your contribution.

a.Why share my writing?
If you are going to share something then generally people will read it and for that reason you will take care of writing topics seriously. You will share them once you are confident of their value worth to the people. Not only that, you will also get readers' overview on your topic and they can share their thoughts which also can help you.

b. Where to share?
You can use your social media or your personal blog. I will strongly recommend to create your own blog so that you can build your own platform and own library.

Click here to read how you can create your blog for free.

c. What are the benefits?
Yes, there are several benefits you can achieve from your online presence. Here are few of them listed below.
  1. You will have good knowledge on the topics which you are sharing for the last few months or years.
  2. You can make your brand by which people can remember that this guy is expert on this and they can request for services.
  3. If you are a writer then you can write books and people can buy it as they already knew through your shared topics.
  4. If you are a doctor then you can share your knowledge so that people can get benefits and reach you easily through your blog and social media.
  5. If you are an IT professional then world can reach you or your organization though your shared articles and request for services or business.

3. Do something good for people around you. The way of your existence.
Don’t live for you only, live for other people too. It will give you a better feeling about yourself and this may help transform the world into a better place.

If you do something good then you will get respect from your workplace, society and business partners too - as everyone loves to work with the persons who are good from all angle.

Let’s start with small steps and share it with people to make the World beautiful.
  1. Give your seat.
  2. Give a compliment.
  3. Help someone to find good place.
  4. Visit someone who may be lonely.
  5. Say sorry if you done anything wrong.
  6. Forgive someone what they have done.
  7. Donate whatever you can.

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  1. Such a wonderful read I have ever had. It is so inspiring following your baby steps that anyone can start at any point of time. It is truly a pleasure to read the article and wanna thank you for empowering my hope again.... Sharing is Caring ☺

  2. This is a very well written post, my compliments.


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