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Saturday, 24 April 2021

Simple solution for typing Bengali font and a recommended designing tool.

Type Bengali Font Easily

I was looking for a simple solution to write Bengali text for designing work and finally I found the most useful editor here "Bengali Typing". You can try it no, it’s working well! You just need to write Bengali sentence using English letter – Example: once you write in the editor “Bangla amar matri bhasha” and add space after each word, it will convert instantly to “বাংলা আমার মাতৃ ভাষা”. Once you click on the word it will also show options to rectify spelling if any or to keep English word for some of the sentence.

I tried Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator with Bengali font and most of the time I found them switching letters between words and never get success to write directly in the software. So I always had to take print screen of Bengali paragraph from MSWord or covert to PDF and import them in the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

But now you don't have to struggle for using Bengali font in your design. Let’s read how you can use your Bengali Font and what can be the suitable tool.

Thanks Adobe for introducing Adobe XD. It’s one of the best designing tool and I can type/ paste Bengali text without any issue. Just copy the sentence/ paragraph which you have converted using "Bengali Typing" and paste it in the Adobe XD artboard and create your beautiful design. Adobe XD also has the feature to export files in PDF format and you can print your artwork from the PDF.

Adobe XD support bengali font

If you still haven’t use the Adobe XD then try it today, it’s easy to use and vector base tool. To know more about Adobe XD, please click here to read previous article on it.


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